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Ralph Vince Premium Indicators

Cycle Determination Indicator

The Cycle Determination indicator is very robust indicator that gives you very accurate short-term projections based on the current cyclical content of the data.  It calculates a composite of all the cycles at work in the data, identifies the dominant cycle and makes a projection forward in time based on the dominant cycle. The strongest signals occur when the dominant cycle and the composite cycles both occur on the same bar.

Forward Feedback Indicator

The Forward Feedback indicator is a trend-following indicator that catches up to the market very quickly, has a lot less lag than traditional indicators and helps greatly reduce whipsaws.  It works well on US stock indexes and other market types both alone and in combination with the Red Compression indicator.

Price Osciliator Indicator

This indicator is completely unlike other oscillators that you may already be familiar with. Most oscillators measure current price relative to price x bars ago. However, the Ralph Vince Price Oscillator measures the shape of the daily bars relative to the previous bar. It can help you identify and pick the “low hanging fruit” of breakouts in broad, heavily participated in markets.

Red Compression Indicator

This indicator tells you when you should be looking to trade breakout style systems and when you should be looking to trade counter trend style systems. Low values for the indicator tell you to trade breakouts; high values for the indicator tell you to trade counter trend strategies. It works well alone or in combination with the Ralph Vince Forward Feedback indicator.

Volume Bar Rules Indicator

This indicator uses volume as its sole input, making it completely non-redundant to all price-based indicators. Signals usually indicate a turn in a very short term direction and show potential buying and selling opportunities. This indicator has been extensively studied and provides a nuanced perspective on trend direction.

Time Oscillator Indicator

This is a non-redundant oscillator that measures how much time has occurred since the most recent high and low. Low readings in the oscillator tend to indicate that it is a good time to be a buyer; high readings in the oscillator tend to indicate that it is a good time to be a seller. It’s good to use in conjunction with other indicators to get a completely different perspective to enhance your decision-making process.

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