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TradeShark Technology

The result is TradeShark

All traders would like to latch onto trends at their onset, and no trading software is better at predicting short-term trends than TradeShark. Relying on its proprietary, patented technologies that apply neural network pattern recognition to intermarket data and its patent-pending technologies that then create leading indicators, TradeShark is without competition in the trading software industry.

TradeShark Makes Lagging Indicators a Thing of the Past

Our proprietary research technologies are the underlying engine that drives TradeShark’s unique ability to transform trend following, lagging indicators, into trend forecasting, leading indicators.  This transformation, involving the creation of leading predictive technical indicators  represents an unprecedented revolution in technical analysis, and is unparalleled in its impact on how traders are able to analyze today’s  globally interconnected markets. 

If you really want to live the lifestyle of your dreams instead of accepting trading losses as the price of learning about the markets, then TradeShark is for you. TradeShark will give you a decisive advantage over other traders who are still stuck in the past using outmoded, single market, lagging indicators to make their trading decisions. 

With TradeShark you’ll be able to see into the future days ahead with its predictive indicators, including predicted moving averages, predicted RSI, and predicted Stochastics to name just a few. TradeShark’s predictive indicators anticipate trend changes and forecast the short term future trend direction, market strength and daily trading range days in advance. To be able to get on board a trend early, you’ve got to be able to anticipate - instead of react to - trend changes.  That’s where TradeShark really excels. TradeShark’s predictive indicators will often flash an “early warning” – that a trend is about to change direction before it actually happens!  

Now, just imagine how totally different your trading results would be, if  you could identify trend changes without the time lag. Having this  predictive insight into the markets lets you enter your trades near the start of a new trend and exit trades near the end  - before other traders even have a clue about what’s happening. Which approach do you think would produce more profits and minimize potential trading losses in today’s fast-paced, highly interconnected, global markets?

Forecast Trends Days in Advance and Build Your Net Worth

The real key to TradeShark's incredible power at helping traders like you turn their trading around and literally change their lives is its astounding short term forecasting accuracy of up to 86%. There is simply no other commercially available technical analysis analytic trading technology  that even remotely comes close to TradeShark at market forecasting.

True TradeShark can’t predict markets with 100% accuracy. Why? Because that’s just flat out impossible. There will always be unforeseen and random events (terrorist attacks, storms, volcanic eruptions, wars) that affect the markets. But, short of having a crystal ball or somehow being able to read tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal today, TradeShark is unrivaled and without peer at predicting global financial markets.  

After using TradeShark for even just a few days or a week or two, you’d quickly appreciate exactly why the thousands of individual traders, still relying on fancy looking, yet outdated, technical analysis methods, can’t figure out how to succeed as traders and give up in frustration after losing their money in the markets. With only single-market based lagging indicators which are totally obsolete in today’s globally interconnected markets, these traders are destined to failure.  Don’t be one of them!  You owe it to yourself to do something different that will change your life. We will do everything possible to help you make that happen – just as we have done for the past three decades as a pioneer and leader in technical analysis software development. 

So Easy Even a New Trader Can Use It

While extremely sophisticated under the hood, from a user’s perspective TradeShark is incredibly easy to use, regardless of whether you’re new to trading or a highly experienced trader. No computer programming skills are required, nor do you even need to know anything about global intermarket analysis or neural networks and pattern recognition. All of TradeShark’s predictive forecasting capabilities are completely built into the software and ready for you to use. It takes just a few minutes of your time each evening to update the software and pin-point trend changes and trading opportunities before other traders even have a clue about what’s about to happen!

Most of our customers follow multiple markets, which allows these traders to identify the most promising trading opportunities which have the highest likelihood of making profits.  Just as important as it is to know which trades to take, TradeShark also alerts you to markets that should be avoided and when you shouldn’t trade at all.  This is especially critical if you have a small account, where one or two bad trades could seriously reduce your trading capital.  Imagine the confidence you'll have each night when you can "cherry pick" the most promising markets for your next trades - with up to 86% accuracy*.

If you really want to change your future for the better, accumulate financial wealth and enjoy the freedom that comes with it, then you should put TradeShark to work for you.   In fact, you shouldn’t take another risky trade until you get TradeShark up and running on your computer. We’ll help you become a successful trader and loyal TradeShark customer just like so many other individual traders who were floundering until they found TradeShark.

Market Technologies is Here to Stay

Market Technologies has taken its proprietary intellectual property, developed and refined over the past three decades, to a whole new level with the development of TradeShark which is in a league of its own. It is unlike any other trading software platform or analytic technology that you have ever heard of or seen. While very easy to utilize and extremely intuitive and user friendly, from a trader’s standpoint, under the hood TradeShark’s patented computer processes and  technologies are second to none – and, needless to say, totally unique. You can’t replicate it and you can’t get it from anywhere else on the planet except from Market Technologies!

During the years that TradeShark was being developed, Mr. Mendelsohn encouraged his research team to ‘think out of the box’ and explore and test the effectiveness of numerous technical processes as they refined the technologies that became the subject of two patent applications submitted to the U.S. Patent Office in 2009. Now in his mid-sixties, and with more than forty years of financial market experience and nearly as long as a global leader in trading software development, Mr. Mendelsohn has taken steps to assure continuity of leadership and effective  management of Market Technologies so that it can maintain its position as a driving force in the trading software industry for decades to come.

Fortunately, in recent years, Market Technologies (still 100% privately-owned by the Mendelsohn family) has evolved into a second-generation company. Now, with a third generation growing up and being exposed to the family business (with the financial markets and technical analysis deeply embedded in the Mendelsohn family DNA), there is no doubt that TradeShark will become more powerful than ever in the years to come as the Predictive Technologies Group discovers even more robust ways to apply neural networks and intermarket analysis to the evolving global financial markets and market forecasting.

This will assure Market Technologies’ trading software customers that they will continue to benefit from these innovative, cutting-edge, technologies with access to world-class trading software and top-notch customer service from a company that began nearly forty years ago at the dawn of the personal computer software industry. Market Technologies has withstood the test of time in a demanding and constantly changing industry where probably hundreds of other trading software developers have come and gone. Today, Market Technologies is the oldest, continuously operated, trading software developer in the world.    

So, don’t think of TradeShark as an out-of-pocket expense. Instead, when you become affiliated with Market Technologies as a TradeShark customer you are making perhaps one of the best financial investments of your life. Join the thousands of customers all over the world who have relied upon Market Technologies for its outstanding trading software over the past thirty years and become part of our trading software family as we look toward celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2014.

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