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Fine-Tuning Trading with Predicted Highs and Lows

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In addition to predictive indicators that forecast trends and trend changes, TradeShark also features an indicator that predicts the next day’s high and low. Knowing what the trend is and where the highs and lows are likely to be the following day, traders can identify entry, exit and stop points from the next day’s predicted range so they can take more profit out of a market. It’s a great tool for short-term or long-term traders.

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In addition to forecasting changes in trend direction.  tradeshark generates a predicted high and low value for the next trading day.  This allows traders to identify exceptional entry and exit points in and out of the market in addition to helping traders place much more effective stop losses.

In this example for,  we can see that Tradeshark forecast the market to start trending lower after this day here.  But by utilizing the Tradeshark predicted high and low values, traders can fine tune these entries into the market.  In this example, because tradeshark was forecasting the market to move lower, traders would want to short the market, at or near the tradeshark predicted high.  We can see in this example it gets us into an almost perfect short position on

Once traders have entered into a position, they can use these predicted high and low values to adjust their stop losses, keeping them just outside the range to protect their profits, but not leave them so close as to get prematurely stopped out.

In this other example for crude oil, we can see there have been two trend changes in the market.  One to the downside and also one to the upside.  But once traders have identified the direction they should be trading the market, they can use these predicted high and low values to fine tune those entries.

In this example traders would look to short near the Tradeshark predicted highs, and then use this as a guide to trail their stops as the market moves lower.   
Once the market direction had changed, traders would want to look for entries near these tradeshark predicted lows.  Again offering an excellent entry into the market, and then offering a great guide of where to set those stop losses.


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