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How Trend Forecasting Makes Trading Easier

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Although TradeShark uses sophisticated technology to generate price forecasts, interpreting the indicators is simple and clear for all levels of traders. TradeShark indicators forecast trends with several time parameters, show how likely a trend is to continue during the next few days and predict the next day’s high and low price. Those are all valuable tools, especially for swing traders who trade short-term positions.

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Although TradeShark relies on very sophisticated technology to generate its market forecast.  The interpretation of these forecasts is very simple and clear, allowing traders of all experience levels to consistently make money in the markets.   To interpret the forecast, simply find the market that you would like to trade, and click to open up the chart.  As you can see from this forecast for Alcoa, Tradeshark clearly forecasted when a new trend is about to begin but Tradeshark also predicts how likely it is for that trend to continue this is helpful so swing traders know when to take profit or when to hold on to their position to make sure they catch the entire move.  In addition to predicting when a new trend will begin,

Tradeshark also predicts the next trading days highs and lows, this information can be used by day traders to define good intraday buy and sell levels in the market. as well as use by swing traders to find where they want to place their stops in the case of a market downturn.

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