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Jerry Meyer, PhD

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Dr. Gerald H. Meyer, currently a full professor and Director of Computer Science at LaGuardia Community College, who served as chair of the Computer Information Systems Department for more than twenty years and is a PhD Mathematician.  

Fifty-four markets were randomly selected from the markets and stocks forecasted by TradeShark. Detailed methodology was then used to analyze data for a five-year period to certify the accuracy rate of the predicted neural index, which compares an actual three-day moving average with a predicted three-day moving average to forecast whether a three-day simple moving average of the typical price (average of the high, low and close) will be higher or lower in two days than it is today. Dr. Meyer found that the range of accuracy for all fifty-four markets selected was from a low 73.8% to a high of 83.6%, with the mean of all fifty-four markets at 79.26%.  

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