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Taking Advantage of Trend Forecasts with TradeShark

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Timing and consistency are keys to profitable trading, but indicators based only on past price action lag the market and are often late with their signals. TradeShark’s trend forecasting indicators, using intermarket analysis to look ahead, help you see visually when trends are beginning on a chart, where to enter, when you should hold onto trending positions to get the most out of a move and where to exit.

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Timing and consistency are two of the most important factors in determining whether a trader will experience long-term success or failure in the markets.  The problem is that most traders still rely on outdated technical indicators that are generated by looking at prices prices alone essentially informing the trailer of where the market has already been.

Because these types of indicators lag behind the market, they cause traders to enter into positions far too late missing out on potential profits.  Additionally that trader is likely to suffer a similar fate, when he looks to exit the market, getting out of the position long after the market has already made a considerable pull back or trend reversal.  

So let's go ahead and take a look at this chart within TradeShark, now this is the market for Whole Foods stock, and as we can see, this market is trended lower, reversed that trend to trade much much higher.  But by utilizing the trend forecasting indicators within Tradeshark, traders not only have excellent timing knowing when to get into the market. but are consistently able to identify when they should hold onto their positions.  You see many traders over this time period, may have gone ahead and sold their shares on temporary price weakness, however trade sharks predictive indicators kept forecasting this market to trend higher.  So traders who utilize TradeShark can not only identify the best time to go ahead and get into the market, but are consistently able to identify when they should hold on to those position making sure that they capture the entire market trend.

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