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Working Offline

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This video tutorial will highlight how to utilize the “Working Offline” feature within your tradeshark software. 

Normally, tradeshark requires a consistent internet connection to retrieve the data necessary to deliver the software’s predictions.

However, users who travel frequently or simply don’t have a consistently reliable internet connection, may wish to work in “offline mode”.  This allows users to download all the necessary data and store it on their local computer systems hard drive, allowing access to the forecasts even when a internet connection is not available.

To make a market selections available offline, users can simply right click on the market group they would like to make available from the market tree and select ‘Make available offline’.   For this example, I will make all the forex pairs available offline.  Again, simply right click on the market selection, and choose ‘Make available offline’.

Once a selection is made, a prompt will appear indicating which market category is to be saved.  You can then select OK to begin the download.

If you hover over the market selection in the market tree, you will notice a status window indicating the progress of the download.  Once finished, the pushpin icon, which designates offline data storage, will change from yellow to green, indicating that the download is complete.

Now these Forex market selections can be accessed, regardless of whether an internet connection is available or not.

If you look towards the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will notice a small window which indicates the softwares current internet connection status.

Users can manually change this status by clicking on the settings dropdown located at the top of the page.  At the very left of the dropdown ribbon, you will see the options to ‘Work Offline’.  I will go ahead and select this option, to further demonstrate these offline features.  Notice how the internet connection status prompt has changed to a red font which indicates the software is currently offline.

Because Tradeshark is currently in offline mode, any attempts to open up a market selection that has not been designated for offline mode will result in an error message being received,  however, if I open up one of the forex pairs that we chose to make available offline, we still have access to the forecasts and well as all of the relevant market data.

In addition to saving an entire market group, TradeShark users will also have the ability to make an individual portfolio available offline.  To do this, simply open up a new portfolio, or the portfolio that you would like to make available offline.   In this example, I have created a portfolio that includes all of the grain markets.

I can then choose to make this portfolio available offline by accessing the portfolio dropdown at the top of the page and selecting ‘make available offline’.

We will again be prompted by a window indicating which portfolio is to be saved for offline mode. Once we click ok, we will notice the yellow push pin and also the status window indicating the progress of our current download.

Once the download is complete, we can access these market selections regardless of whether our internet connection is currently available.

Once a reliable internet connection has been reestablished and there is no longer a need to work in offline mode, users should select the ‘clear offline data’ option, which will prompt the software to retrieve the most current market data that is available online. 

To do this, simply click on the settings dropdown and choose ‘clear offline data’.  You will also want to be sure that you toggle on the work online button, to ensure Tradeshark attempts to retrieve the proper market selections.

Working offline is a extremely helpful feature if one needs to perform market analysis away from home or simply cannot access a consistently reliable internet connection.

For additional information on Tradeshark features and available options or settings, be sure to visit the Tradeshark learning center and video library.


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